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The opportunities within the Internet culture are tremendous! There are three major categories of Internet jobs that are experiencing the highest area of growth and are predicated to be among the top three for years to come. Here's a brief explanation of these functional areas and what is involved in each.

Content Jobs

These positions require skill sets replete with creativity. Some Internet professionals are dedicated to researching and writing articles of interest and importance to a site's main audience(s). Additional talent needed in this area include animators, sound designers, computer aided graphic designers and still and video photographers. The quality and relevance of this content will contribute to the site's traffic in terms of both single hits and repeat visitors. In other words, the success of the site may be determined by the value it adds for those who invest time, and in some cases money, in accessing it.

Infra Structure

Those involved in this area of the Web are the main brains - builders and creators of Web systems. Software and operating systems' designers are at the heart of keeping up with the increasingly sophisticated needs and demands of the end users. These professionals are the most well compensated as their efforts are what make the entire system run, and they remain in the shortest supply.


This area involves commerce and all the related systems that support it. For example, encryption/decryption systems, information warehousing and funds management, to name a few fall into this category.

Preferred educational experience

An academic background that includes Information Technology training is highly desired. These courses can be obtained through colleges and universities, computer skills training centers, Web-based and in-house company courses.

Certification in the specific Internet functional area you seek to work in is the key credential for many employers. This can be obtained through the educational resources above. Look at both online job board and print recruitment ads to see what skills recurrently appear to get a sense of where you need to target your certification efforts.

Required knowledge

There are various software languages used across different platforms and protocols on the Internet. Presently, Unix and Windows 2000 systems skills are the predominant tools used by Web architects. These skills are used for creating and maintaining sites, servers, etc. Other software language skills in demand include XML, HTML, PERL, Java, and C++. The key database management languages are Oracle, SQL and DB2. Linux is also gaining popularity for use by smaller films.

Internet career opportunities

Content Provider
CAD Designers
Graphic Designer
Multimedia Technicians
Virtual Reality Artist
Internet Researcher/Copywriter
Software Designers/Developers
Information Architects
Global Network Architects
Web Programmers/Developers
Chief Information Officer
Website/Database Integrators
E-Business Evangelist

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