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Survey: Telecommuting aids recruitment

Douglas Caldwell   San Jose Business Journal

If you want to hire the most-talented people, let 'em stay home.

A new survey by TrueCareers of Reston, Va., found that 92 percent of employees say that the ability to work from home would be an important factor in deciding whether to accept a new job.



The survey also found that 91 percent of respondents believe that telecommuting would make them more productive in their current jobs.



Of the 1,963 respondents, 65 percent say that they either already telecommute to some degree or have considered working from home. Of the employees now telecommuting, 35 percent work from home at least half of the workweek.



"Recent U.S. Census figures show that roughly 4.2 million Americans telecommute," says Michael Caggiano, chief executive of TrueCareers, an online job board that provides hiring companies with pre-screened candidates. "This survey confirms our belief that we'll see the telecommuting trend continue to rise and grow."


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