Add File Properties to Your Page & 
a Custom Button to Your FrontPage Toolbar

A handy timesaver for us all!

For Any Office Application

File Properties add a lot to minimizing your file management chores. One handy file property available to all Office applications is the Category property. Adding this information to your Office and FrontPage files speeds up file searching and streamlines your group's workflow.

To make it easy to remember to add Categories to your new files created for FrontPage (or any Office 2000 document):

  1. From the menu bar, select Tools> Customize
  2. From the list of Menus on the resulting dialog panel, select the File Menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Properties... command.
  4. Click the Properties command and drag it onto the Standard toolbar. (I like to place it just to the right of the Save button, to remind me to use it...)

You can leave it as the text "Properties" or right-click the new tool and select Edit Toolbar Image... from the popup context menu.

I like the icon that looks like a key, since file properties are the "key" to opening up so many additional features of Microsoft Office files...

Now, when you save any file, you can easily click a button to bring up the File Properties, so you can click on the Categories tab, and select the appropriate workgroup category. 

If it is a new file, and you want it to appear in a "What's New" page, be sure to select New as one of its workgroup properties. 

Create a Custom Toolbar

When you want to gather all the commands you frequently work with...

  1. View > Toolbars > Customize
  2. Select the Toolbars tab on the dialog panel..
  3. Click the New... button, which creates an instance of a blank toolbar to the right of the dialog panel.
  4. In the New Toolbar dialog, name your toolbar something meaningful.
  5. Select commands and drag them to your new, custom toolbar. 

Later, perhaps we'll cover customizing the buttons, themselves, but that's for another time...