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This site began as an idea suggested to me by a network manager during a meeting of Web Authors and editors. 

I typically spent so much time writing and reading about Web-related issues, and advising others about the pitfalls, troubleshooting and tips & tricks I had discovered, that she suggested that I write a "Sandra's Corner" column for our Intranet site. 

This made me re-think my writing and article collection, which I started primarily as a way to keep information at hand for myself and others who might write for our Intranet.

Remember that not everyone else knows the same things you've learned "the hard way." But isn't sharing that sort of information what "the Web" is really all about? I have learned so much online...

So, I continue adding to this list of tips, tricks, reminders, and "how-to's." 
I write for myself, for my friends, and because:

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