How to Prepare Your Page For Search Engines

If you want your pages to show up in the search engines, you need to prepare your pages so that they are optimized for the engines.

It takes 5 minutes to understand and do, and will pay off, big-time!

Here's How

  1. Write a descriptive <title> for the page. Make sure that your title is clear, and contains many of the keywords within the page itself. The title tag is always found in the <head> and is required.

  2. Write a description within the <meta name="description" content=""> tag. Keep the description to about 200 characters, and make sure it uses keywords found within the page itself.

  3. Put keywords in the <meta name="keywords" content=""> tag. You don't need to use commas or other punctuation. Don't repeat keywords over and over in a row. Rather, put in keyword phrases.

  4. Make sure that your page includes the keywords, phrases, and the title. Most search engines look at the repetition of the phrases in your title, description, and keywords within the page.


  1. The meta keywords and description are not as important as the title. Pay more attention to your title than your meta tags.

  2. It is vital that your keyword phrases be found within the actual text of the page.

  3. If you repeat a word in the meta tags that isn't on the page, your page may be penalized in the search engines.

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