Proxy and Browser Cache Control

Frequently you want your pages to be cached, so frequently requested pages can be retrieved quickly.
However, for content that changes daily or more often, you may want to prevent the page from being cached, either at the server or in the viewer's Temporary Internet Files.

HTML pages

To prevent caching of html pages, enter the following in the < meta> section of the page head:


ASP Pages

For an ASP application, go to Properties and the Home Directory tab in IIS , click the Configure button, go to Application mappings and clear the Cache ISAPI  Applications check box.

Then, at the top of the .asp pages you do not want cached, add:

<% Response.Expires=0 %>

To prevent caching of .asp pages at the Proxy server, enter

<% Response.cachecontrol="private" %>

To enable caching of .asp pages at the Proxy server, enter

<% Response.cachecontrol="public" %>


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