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This page uses an onLoad handler to open a second window 400 x 400 pixels in size, 
50 pixels from the upper left corner of the browser. A classic "popup" window...

View source to see how it's done.

The basic code syntax for Internet Explorer 3+ is as follows:

newWindow =[URL] [,Name] [,Features] [,Replace])


URL is the URL of the new page to open
Name is the name you want to give the new window
Features lets you configure the window
Replace specifies whether the URL that is loaded into the new window should should create 
a new entry in the browsing history. If this argument is set to true, no new history entry is created for the new page.

One application of this might be for a window containing a form, its confirmation or a password field. You might not want the user to browse back to that page through the history method.

Arguments shown in brackets above are optional, and the commas within the brackets only need to be there if you use an optional argument.


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