from "Sandra's corner of the Web"

Links to a few pages and scripts I use as "tutorials" when explaining to others 
how to do something with HTML or scripts, or trying to remember for myself! 
All examples work with IE 5+, not all work with NS.
Mostly original content, some adapted for the Web...

AddFav script
-- how to code an "Add to Favorites" link

Add Text to a Button Image
-- quick tutorial for web editors

A Color Master
-- demonstrating a custom theme

-- from "Sandra's Corner of the Web"

Color Code Chart
-- the "browser safe" colors

Configure Users and Groups
--for an Intranet

Collapsible Outlines
-- for multilevel lists

Create a Page of Links
-- from your "Favorites"!

CSS Reference Sheet
-- a quick reminder

CSS Tricks
-- you can do a lot

Grow an Image
-- using JavaScript

Create a DHTML Slideshow with fading effects
-- reprinted from a credited source

Dropdown Select Menu
-- navigation without the "Go" button

Drop Down Menu
-- really, a mouseOver menu

Hex or Decimal Color Values
-- quick reference



Example of an auto dropdown select menu
-- links to this site, no need for a "go" button!

Hex-RGB Converter
-- convert RGB color codes to hex for html

Javascript Floating Side Menu
-- a floating popout side menu

JavaScript Calendar
-- just what it says

JavaScript Quotes

Link Descriptions Example
-- mouseOver a link, then see its description

Logo Branding
-- add a floating logo to your site

Menu of Links
-- using JavaScript

Opacity Testing
-- DHTML with filters

Open and Manipulate a New Window
-- just like it says...

Organize Favorites and Subscribe to Sites
-- quick tutorial with screen shots

Preload Images
-- pages will seem to load faster

Prepare a Photo for the Web
-- simple steps

RGB Code Slider
-- try out a color code

Top Menu
-- example of another JavaScript menu

-- a fun add-on

Solve Script Conflicts
-- with these guidelines

Testing a Multiple Windows Script

Web Design Proposal
-- suggested beginning

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