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February 2, 2003

Have not posted to this site for a while, although I use it all the time. New article, though, today: Prepare a Photo for the Web. Having added more photos to Carrot River.com, I was reminded that this could be useful information.

October 28, 2002

Launched CarrotRiver.com, to support the community of Carrot River, Saskatchewan, where we now reside. We've started very simply, and hope that with community support and input, we can make it a lively, informative place online for our new home town.

October 20, 2002

Wondering why the gap in new content or updates? We moved to Saskatchewan over the past few months, and have been gently recovering and settling in. While on dial-up, editing the site was slow, at best. Consequently, very few edits were made. The town just this month got  DSL, which has improved things considerably. Made some cosmetic changes, to make the site more 800 x 600 resolution-friendly. Expect more content to be added, soon.

July 27, 2002

The mcintyre-network.com version of this site has been down for three days, due to problems our ISP was experiencing. Consequently, you may have had some difficulty accessing links to some site features hosted on that server. We apologize, and expect to have everything working, once again, according to our service provider, as soon as DNS is propagated (should be complete by this evening!)

July 19, 2002
Search this site is now available. Newest additions are listed below. Also, check the web resources page, as I regularly add links. Live newsfeeds have been moved to their own page, although Moreover top stories are also temporarily still on the Reference Links page.

If you are looking for other categories represented on this site, visit "Site Sections."

Soon, I will be able to concentrate more on the graphics and video I want to display...
If you are interested, stay tuned. You can bookmark this page, or return to the Page Home to bookmark it. Check out the article Organize Favorites and Subscribe to Sites, to learn how you can let IE automatically inform you when this page changes.      -- Sandra

Added Pages

Title   Date Added    Comment

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Latest Headlines12/12/2003
OnMouseover Menu Effects with JavaScript12/12/2003
Daily Motivational Quote12/12/2003
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Web Design Proposal12/12/2003
Resume That Scan Well12/12/2003
Telecommuting & Recruitment12/12/2003
The Most Important Letter12/12/2003
Drop Down Menu12/12/2003
Current Month, Date & Time12/12/2003
Color Code Chart12/12/2003
Link Descriptions Example12/12/2003
Javascript Floating Side Menu12/12/2003
Create a Page of Links12/12/2003
Hex or Dec Color Values12/12/2003
Random Quotes12/12/2003
JavaScript Calendar12/12/2003
CSS Tricks12/12/2003
Text Scanning12/12/2003
Hover buttons with CSS12/12/2003
Meta Tags12/12/2003
Open a New Window12/12/2003
No Cache Example Page12/12/2003
Web Design Proposal12/12/2003
Add a CustomToolbar in FrontPage12/12/2003
FP Keyboard Shortucts12/12/2003
A Color Master12/12/2003
AddFav script12/12/2003
Printable Resume07/28/2002
Subscribe to Sites07/28/2002

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